Fascia is a network of connective tissue that runs throughout your body, almost like a spiderweb. In a healthy state, fascia is flexible and helps your body move smoothly. But when fascia tightens up, it can restrict movement and contribute to pain.

Valencia Bodywork focuses on releasing tension in your fascia. With a goal of creating more space in your fascial network, Megan works with you, not just on you, to help your muscles move more freely.  This can improve your mobility, reduce pain, and help your whole body move better overall.

Meet Megan Valencia, LMT

Megan Valencia is a highly qualified massage therapist with a passion for alleviating pain and improving her clients’ well-being. Her extensive experience, dating back to 2001, combined with her 2020 certification in the Rossiter technique, positions her to effectively address complex musculoskeletal issues.

The Rossiter technique itself is a noteworthy modality. This two-person stretching program focuses on connective tissue, aiming to enhance mobility and potentially reduce pain. It is considered a non-invasive approach, with treatment sessions typically lasting around 30-60 minutes.


“Megan Valencia is absolutely amazing.  I have used her Rossiter services on several occasions and the results were life changing. I am a power lifter and ultra runner and Megan has helped me successfully overcome several issues. Rossiter has been life changing and I highly recommend Megan!”

Emily D., Iowa City

“I saw Megan for general leg pain, that I have had for a long time. The pain limited my ability and desire to be active and sometimes made my daily activities difficult. Megan listened to me and her treatments helped me get back on track. My pain was reduced and that allowed me to start doing things like walking for exercise again.  I feel like my legs are loose and free and will know when that feeling goes away that I will need a “tune up”.  It felt really good to be heard and to have someone that could help.”

Jennifer McHenry, ATC, LAT
Athletic Trainer for City High

“My feet are doing fantastic! There were some days that were so discouraging and I thought oh no, this will just be the rest of life. But they did get BETTER! I am full speed walking and not a crumbling mess when I start walking. There are moments when I’m a bit touchy but i am soooooo in a new chapter. I have my life back. Thank you!

We took an adventure I couldn’t have enjoyed as much without you. I had to RUN to catch the train. It was a close call. I haven’t been able to run in a year. Your work has renewed my ability to RUN!”

D. S., Plantar Fascitis client

“Megan is Amazing! Rossiter has given me relief from long term shoulder and hamstring pain and upgraded my movement patterns. As a fitness professional, I can attest that working with Megan had increased my mobility and freed up space in my body so I can continue to help others move.”

Kat, Coralville, IA, Head Coach at Orange Theory Fitness
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