Things to Know

Here are some key takeaways to optimize your experience with the Rossiter Technique:

Be Mindful

Pay attention to your body’s sensations during walks and between sessions. Notice any changes or areas of concern to discuss with your practitioner.

Embrace the Challenge

Rossiter exercises can be demanding. Be prepared to work hard, focus, and persevere through discomfort.

Become an Active Learner

This is an opportunity to gain valuable insights into your body’s mechanics, posture,and movement patterns. Learn how to make positive changes for improved function.

Make Adjustments

Be open to modifying your environment or habits to support your progress. This could involve rearranging your workspace for better ergonomics.

Slow and Steady

Focus on quality over quantity. Perform each exercise slowly and deliberately, paying attention to areas that feel tight. Discomfort is a sign of progress!

Holistic Approach

As one area improves, imbalances may emerge elsewhere. Be aware of these changes and communicate them to your Rossiter coach for a comprehensive treatment plan.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of the Rossiter Technique and achieve lasting improvements in your mobility and pain levels.

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